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Pluff Contractors is a Lancaster based Remodeling Company with a wide array of services and specialty’s. We value taking care of your project with professionalism and craftsmanship, whether it be your home or your business.

Meet the Pluff Family

David, his wife Mary Kate and their three boys Brantley, Braxton, & Brecklan make up the core of what Pluff Contractors is and strives to be…Family. David comes from a multi-generational line of tradesman and has been in the line of work for almost 18 years.

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Our process is set up to help us better serve our potential clients in the best way possible. We ask that they fill out our contact form, answering some preliminary questions.  Upon receiving your inquiry we will follow up with the feasibility of your project based on budget, design, and timeframe.

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Follow Along

My son taught me this!
Here is the latest kitchen we completed! 

Designer - @invisiondesigns_ 

Photo credit - @photole_photography
Our Most Recent Master Bath Renovation!!

Photo Credit @photole_photography
Load Calculations! Very important
Recent backsplash and fireplace surround we just completed with custom art work we made a frame for!
Please share and make all the fun!! This hurt at the moment but is hilarious!  Trying out my new @obsessionbows_official bow and yeah left my finger on the release!!! Rookie mistake!
Our most recent bathroom renovation!
Just because
Please be ok!
This is the 3rd fireplace surround we have done this year and still have two more coming up!  Is this a thing?! Lol but definitely enjoy seeing the changes! 

Thanks to @invisiondesigns_ for designs!
Trailer walkthrough part 2 with @dewalttough
Our trailer walkthrough part 1. With @dewalttough
Finally wrapped up this master bathroom!  What are your thoughts!
Client Review!!! 

Thanks @photole_photography for putting this together for us!!
While making Mother’s Day goodies, Captured this totally unscripted moment that brought so much joy to my heart.  This boy loves Jesus and loves to worship!!

It definitely challenges me in a good way!
We had the pleasure to work with Amanda from Macfeat Home Designs @macfeathomedesign on the this AWESOME laundry room makeover! 

Everything was so intentional and simplistic. 
And how about those solid white oak tops and floating shelves made by @redirectedwoodco  Thanks Meek!

This was a fun project and look forward to more like this!
Some simple helpful hints when hanging doors!