Our Process

Our process is set up to help us better serve our potential clients in the best way possible. We ask that they fill out our contact form, answering some preliminary questions. Upon receiving your inquiry we will follow up with the feasibility of your project based on budget, design, and timeframe.

The highest priority question on our contact form is the clients desired completion date. Why? Good question, glad you asked! We can be booked out for several weeks or months at a time, and we want to make sure we are available to serve you and your project!

Why do we ask about your budget?

We can understand how this may be an uncomfortable question but we have found that the process is exceptionally more fluid when we design to a budget vs. the other way around. When we have a budgeted range we can narrow down selection and construction method options that would be more suitable.

So what happens next?   

Now that we have received your contact form and determined that your project is feasible, we will contact you and provide an estimate (not a proposal) based on the received information. If we fall within your budgeted range, we move on to a follow up phone call and site visit to discuss project details and scope of work.

Following the site visit we will provide you with a more formal proposal. Upon acceptance of proposal we will reserve your spot on our schedule and move into the planning stage!

The Planning Stage

Very Exciting! We are one step closer to bringing your project to LIFE! We like to give ourselves and clients ample time for planning because we take pride in the details. Larger projects tend to take longer to plan and order materials. We will let you know based on the size of your project, what kind of planning is required.   

Let’s Get Started…

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