About Us

About Pluff

Pluff Contractors has been serving Lancaster and surrounding counties since 2018. We are here to serve our clients in the best manner possible and treat them and their project with respect. We are small company that focuses on detailed processes and craftsmanship. You can be confident that we will take our time and perform each task with professionalism, from Site Prep to Final Clean!

Meet David

David has almost 18 years in the trades and over 6 years of formal trade school education. After graduating from 3 years at Vocational school in the Building Trades Program, David went on to attend Williamson College of the Trades in Media PA.  Upon completing his degree at Williamson, David moved forward to serve 6 years in the United States Marine Corps as a Combat Engineer. David proceeded to work for a local general contractor and custom home builder as a lead carpenter. Life had then led him to pursue a job as superintendent and project manager in Fort Worth Texas.  After a few years David and his family moved back to Pennsylvania in Lancaster County where he and his wife started what is Pluff Contractors today!

Follow Along

Gus captured these photos!  I can’t tell you how much disorganization will affect the flow of a business. 

We were in such a busy week schedule and things got out of control! Gus and Jon took time yesterday morning before we started to get things back in order!

Very grateful for them both!
Some Before and After of a nice little bathroom refresh (Not Remodel!). 

We teamed with @macfeathomedesign to just update this bathroom with some fresh paint and fixtures and flooring at countertops! 

Sometimes that is all it needs!
Great idea!
Core Memory Unlocked!!
I didn’t intentionally take this photo for instagram. I actually was only taking it for documentation of job. 

It actually is saying a lot!  What you are seeing here is something we LOVE to do.  We love to take into consideration every single little detail.  Here you see Jon holding our exposed Brass P trap. (That threaded chrome tail piece will be swapped out for a brass one). This is a kids hall bathroom where the door is often left open.  This means that coming up the stairs you will often see underneath this wall mounted sink!  We want this to look nice and tight and clean as possible! So we dry fitted the sink, dry fitted the drain to properly place the drain in the wall!

I hope these are some of the details that set us apart.  Most of which no one is seeing unless you show them!

Grateful for our team with Gus and Jon for just simply caring and giving a darn about what they do!!
Roughing in Electrical Boxes with enough wire!
Final On Our Recent Basement Remodel!

Designer - @macfeathomedesign 
Cabinetry built by- @oshea_woodwork 
Contractor - @pluffcontractors
Great product from @sashcoinc to get that coloring matching caulk!
I love being your Dad and your coach!
Project update! Not complete but close!
My son taught me this!
Here is the latest kitchen we completed! 

Designer - @invisiondesigns_ 

Photo credit - @photole_photography
Our Most Recent Master Bath Renovation!!

Photo Credit @photole_photography
Load Calculations! Very important
Recent backsplash and fireplace surround we just completed with custom art work we made a frame for!